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About me! :)

on March 12, 2014

Hi, My name is Millie, I’m in grade six. I love playing piano and guitar, but most if all I love netball It’s my favourite sport. I love spending time with my bunny, his name is Bonnie. I also have a dog named Minty and a bird called Juddy. I love spending time with all of them. This year I am lucky enough to have my own blog to share some of my school work and other things.

4 Responses to “About me! :)”

  1. jenryan says:

    HI Tari,
    My name is Jen. I am your mentor for the challenge. How are you going with the challenge?
    There are some new challenges posted so hoping to see how you go with them. I use the template also for some blogs i have made.

  2. jenryan says:

    Sorry Millie I typed the wrong name!

  3. kpsabbeyk says:

    Hi Millie!
    It seems like we have heaps in common. I have always wanted a bunny because every bunny I had, died 1 week later! Please check out my blog thanks!

  4. kpsmillie says:

    Haha! I think that’s why we are best friends 😉 we have heaps in common haha come visit my bunny anytime xx

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