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Its far too hot to do anything today. People are passing out because it’s so not and I’m staying inside in my bathers on the couch because its so hot. I am not movie and I’m eating heaps of icy poles. I thought about going to the beach but I don’t want skin cancer or sun burn. I have to look after my sick little brother too! Sadly what a way to ruin the summer he just had to get sunstroke the day before the coolest party! Now I’m stuck, here for 3 days on the couch and I would much rather be out tomorrow swimming and having fun with my friends!

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For the last few weeks at my school we have been doing poetry. We have done, bio poems, haiku poems, tanka poems, limerick poems, found poems! We have done lots. Today I will share one of them I have completed which is my Hakui poem.

Asylum seekers
Unhealthy homeless people
Seeking a safe home.

Unemployed and scared
Moving to a new country
To be sent back home.

Passengers aboard
Travelling on unsafe boats
Scared of the unknown.

I created this with three different haiku is to make a big one! Hope you enjoy!

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